Christmas photo with Santa 2021

Photos with Santa, Christmas 2021

With the pandemic still going pretty strong, and things continuing to be locked down, we booked our spots early to get photos with Santa at the same tree farm that we did last year. We’re so glad that we did because all of the time slots for this shoot sold out really fast, and all the other options of photos with Santa aren’t what we’re looking for… We just don’t want him Photoshopped in the background of another photo.

Camping at Chilliwack Lake, July 2021

We had already booked the weekend portion of this trip a while back, and Katie decided to use a few of her extra days off to take off with the kids by herself. She loaded up the van and headed up on Wednesday with the kids knowing I’d be up after work on Friday. Katie was excited, and a little nervous about having the kids by herself for a few days.

Mother’s Day Family Photoshoot at Nitobe Japanese Memorial Garden

Katie’s work offered a free photoshoot with a selected photographer who shoots weddings at the Botanical Garden, so since it’s been a long pandemic, we ventured into Vancouver to take them up on the offer. Due to wet weather, the photo shoot had to be rescheduled a couple of times, so on the day of this shoot, it was happening rain or not. Luckily the rain stopped early on the morning of our shoot, so it went ahead about as dry as you could hope for late May. The Japanese Garden is usually pretty beautiful at this time of year, but we did miss the peak of the cherry blossom bloom by a few weeks.

Santa photo 2020

Photos with Santa, Christmas 2020

We wanted to do something ‘normal’ for the kids this year for their annual trip to see Santa, and Katie luckily came across a post on Facebook where a photographer was going to be hosting 2 days of photos at a tree farm about 40 minutes away from us. This just happened to be ‘Santa Andy’ – the same Santa the kids have had their photos taken with since they were born (all past years’ photos are linked at the end). These 2 days sold out immediately before we had even heard of them. But Katie got in touch with the photographer and found out that some people had not yet paid for their reserved slotted, and so those times would be going back out to interested people.

Camping at Chilliwack Lake, August 2020

This camping trip had a little bit of all kinds of weather – something we’ve been going through all summer. Not on weekends when we’re home, the clouds only seem to come out when we’re going to be in a tent. We had a full day of solid rain, followed by a couple of beautiful days, a great canoe picnic and some hiking around the area.

Widgeon Creek Paddle

Widgeon Creek Paddle – Summer 2020

We’ve meant to do this paddle up the Widgeon Creek for a while now, even before the kids came along. I first heard about this place from Katie’s cousins, Brian, Steve and Jon Healy, back when we first got the canoe.

Camping at Paul Lake, Kamloops

Camping at Paul Lake, Kamloops, August 2020

During the week of the BC Day long weekend, the daycare is usually closed, and we have to make plans for the full week. The kids had already been pulled out of daycare, but we had booked this trip online back in March when we had no idea what we’d be doing. Historically we’ve headed to the Interior, more in the Kelowna area, but we couldn’t get a campsite where we were hoping to go. We ended up getting a week at Paul Lake, just outside of Kamloops, where neither of us has spent much time.

Camping at Sasquatch Provincial Park – July 2020

The Canada Day holiday fell on a Wednesday this year, so we decided to take the Wednesday to Friday off and make a 5-day long weekend of it. Sam, Lauren, Evelyn and Baby Hugo joined us for a couple of those days. This was our rainiest weekend of 2020, so warning; lots of photos of rain to follow.