Camping at Chilliwack Lake, August 2020

This camping trip had a little bit of all kinds of weather – something we’ve been going through all summer. Not on weekends when we’re home, the clouds only seem to come out when we’re going to be in a tent. We had a full day of solid rain, followed by a couple of beautiful days, a great canoe picnic and some hiking around the area.

Camping at Sasquatch Provincial Park – July 2020

The Canada Day holiday fell on a Wednesday this year, so we decided to take the Wednesday to Friday off and make a 5-day long weekend of it. Sam, Lauren, Evelyn and Baby Hugo joined us for a couple of those days. This was our rainiest weekend of 2020, so warning; lots of photos of rain to follow.

Skiing at Cypress Mountain

Skiing at Cypress Mountain February 2020

This was definitely the kid’s longest ski day ever. We are very impressed with how well Addison did after a few rough starts earlier this year. And Colin’s turns are really starting to get better. Sam and Evelyn make a cameo here in the video as they’re an important part of our ski team.

Christmas 2019 Santa Photos

Photos with Santa, Christmas 2019

The kids were pretty excited to see Santa this year and had brought it up a couple of times. Luckily things went off without a hitch when the kids saw Santa, and again, ran right up to him and gave him a nice hug.  The photographer happened to catch a nice candid moment of us explaining to Santa exactly what the kids wanted (read: translating for Colin because he was pretty excited).

Camping at Weaver Lake for Katie’s 40th Birthday

Planning for Katie’s birthday started very early. We had to make the reservation at midnight on January 1st, and it somehow worked even though the website crashed doing all the reservations. The rest of the camping year at that site was sold out in minutes.

Assembling the group, (more like herding cats) wasn’t easy by any means. But it was worth getting everybody together for a weekend like this that we have wanted to do for a long time. Katie’s good friend Erica, from Whistler, joined us, which was really special since they haven’t seen a lot of each other over the last few years.

Addison and Colin's 3rd Birthday Party

Addison and Colin’s 3rd birthday party

We had the kids 3rd birthday party a week ahead of their actual birthday since it lands on the long weekend, and we knew a few of the kids from their daycare weren’t going to be around. We rented the cabana at our complex, which over by the pool, and this worked out so much better than trying to host all those kids and parents at our place.

1000 Days Old!

1000 days old! About 6 months ago I was wondering when Addison and Colin were going to turn 1000 days old — I think at the time it probably felt like we’d had about 1000 nights of lousy sleep or something… I can’t even remember when we turned the corner on them sleeping better, but it’s been good for a while now (knocking on all kinds of wood), and their personalities are really shining through.

We had a very rare snow day in Vancouver, and since their daycare was closed, we spent their 999th day playing in the snow, building a crappy snowman (snow was way too fluffy) and sledding down the little hill in our common area. After their afternoon nap, we bundled them back up and grabbed their skis since there was even more fresh snow. Fun day!

Christmas in Florida 2018

We’re having lots of fun in Florida again this year… The weather is a bit cooler and wetter than last year, but we’re making the most of it, and hitting the pool when the heat peaks. If it’s raining, we just plan more indoor events to keep everybody busy…